The list of things you are supposed to need as a parent is seemingly endless, don’t you think? Why do you even need all of this stuff and what is it even for?

Here are my top baby buys that I truly believe you NEED and why.  

Black sequinned party dress from Seraphine

Baby Shusher

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – babies love white noise.  They particularly love it when you ‘ssshhhhhhh’ over and over again.  They could listen to you shush them for hours on end. Whilst it seems better than the alternative of having your baby cry all night, the reality of shushing for hours is going to get really tiring.  Enter The Baby Shusher.  It does it for you, for as long as your baby needs to fall asleep.  I applaud its creators for such a simple, yet brilliant product.

Buy from Amazon for £34.99



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If you’ve been for a newborn photoshoot with me, you will have seen a small rocket shaped device strapped to the legs of my posing table.  This is the Rockit.  It straps to a pram/bassinet and gently vibrates.  This makes it onto my list because we all know that babies love to fall asleep whilst being pushed around in the pram.  They equally love to wake up as soon as it stops.  With this handy little device, your sleeping baby thinks they are still being pushed around in their pram, whilst actually you are having a well needed sit down and cup of tea. Genius.

Buy from Rockit for £33.29

Rockit Zed

I wouldn’t normally recommend two products from the same company but Rockit really does have you covered.  For when you are at home, they have the Rockit Zed.  This is a vibrating sleep soother and nightlight light in one.  You place it on the mattress at your baby’s feet and it sends soothing vibrations through the mattress which is said to encourage a deep sleep.

Buy from Rockit for £24.96

Maternity Party Dresses

Angelcare Bath Seat

There are a lot of baby baths and bat seats on the market and I got through my fair share.  What I loved about this one was that it supports your baby leaving you with both hands to wash and support them where needed.  I found using a traditional baby bath was back breaking having to hold them up with one hand and wash them with the other – all whilst bent over the tub in an awkward position trying not to let go of a slippery baby. It’s also made of a kind of mesh which doesn’t get all slimy. 

Buy from John Lewis £19.99

Maternity Party Dresses

Car Mirror

So this one comes under the “do I actually need this” category. I was totally skeptical about why I would need a mirror to see my baby in the car.  But nothing can preempt parental anxiety when it sets in.  Why are they so quiet? What are they doing?!  It’s reassuring to be able to see them during car journeys – even if just to make sure they didn’t wriggle out of their carseat!

Buy from Halfords £12.00

Maternity Party Dresses

Bath Thermometer

A bath thermometer is used to make sure that baby’s bath isn’t too hot, or too cold.  It floats on the surface and you can easily see if the water is ready for your baby.  This Nuby one has a clock and a timer on it as well so you can keep an eye on the time without having to bring your phone into the bathroom and risk the “phone in the bath” disaster!


Buy from Amazon £9.99

Maternity Party Dresses

Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby sleeping bags were an absolute game changer  in baby science! They help keep baby at a stable temperature throughout the night – no kicking off blankets!  You can even unzip them from the bottom for those middle of the night nappy changes which help keep baby sleepy and warm and help them get back to sleep quickly.  I liked the Gro company sleeping bags because they come with a thermometer and a handy guide advising what to put on underneath in different temperatures.

Buy from Amazon £19.99


Lansinoh is a miracle cream for breastfeeding mothers.  It soothes and treats sore, cracked nipples whilst being safe to use whilst feeding.  After you’ve finished your breastfeeding journey, it comes in useful for a multitude of ailments.  It works amazingly on sore, chapped skin, particularly around little one’s lips. This definitely should be on your list of top baby buys!


Buy from Boots £11.49

Maternity party dresses


Ditto the above really – sudocrem is a one pot fits all when it comes to babies!  It’s a perfect nappy cream but it’s very thick and waterproof which makes washing it off your hands a challenge!  WHich leads nicely to our next item……

Buy from Superdrug £5.99



Bum Brush

Ok you’re going to need to hear me out on this one before I lose all credibility. Not what you might consider one of your top baby buys! It’s a spatula, for a baby’s bum.  BUT have you ever tried to wash nappy cream off your hands?  Impossible.  This nifty little silicone spatula spreads out the nappy cream to avoid getting it all over your hands.  Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it is all I’m saying!


Buy from Amazon £14.99


Perfect Prep Machine

Now I have to hold my hands up and admit I’ve never actually used one of these.  BUT everyone I know who has had one raves off them.  They make bottles of formula by dispensing first a shot of hot water, and then topping it up with cool water to create the perfect temperature.  Not that beats panic cooling under the tap in the middle of the night.

Buy from Smyths £84.99

Matchstick monkey

I know it feels like a million years away, but before you know it, your baby will be starting to cut their first teeth and you need to be prepared to give them some relief. We tried hundreds of teethers and this came up best.  It is the perfect size to hold and they can get in all the little crooks of their mouth where their teeth are sore.  You can pop it in the fridge for even more relief. Definitely deserves a place on the list of top baby buys!

Buy from Smyths £10.99


No list can be complete without mentioning the lovable animals that pretty much every child has.  Be it a rabbit, a giraffe, an aardvark… Jellycat have an outstanding range of teddies suitable from birth. Just a little tip from one parent to another – buy a spare.  That’s all I’m saying on the matter!

Buy from Jellycat from £9.99


So there we have it – a roundup of my top baby buys! I have no affiliation with any of these companies and don’t earn anything from my recommendations.

Is there anything you would add to the list?

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