Alice James Photography, Stotfold Newborn Photographer

Most of the photographs we see from newborn photographers show perfectly posed, sleepy babies.  But what happens if your baby JUST WON’T SLEEP?!

Newborn photographers are not only trained in how to handle and pose safely, we also know a lot on how to get a baby to sleep!  We have many different tricks up our sleeve to help your baby succumb to the land of nod during their newborn session.

The room where the session takes place is kept at a nice warm temperature and I use a white noise machine close to the baby.  You will hear us “shhhhh” a lot and we may even use the vibration settings on our posing table.  Wraps are a perfect tool to help your baby sleep as they love being tightly swaddled to mimic the space they had inside the womb.

BUT, despite our best efforts, some babies will struggle.  Maybe they have a sore tummy, slept for an hour in the car on the way, or are just an awake alert baby.

DON’T PANIC! If your baby is happy, we will continue with the session and capture some amazing photographs of their bright eyes and curious faces.  The facial expressions on some newborns are just awesome!  We will wrap them to keep them secure and to stop them flailing their arms around and just keep going.

So don’t worry about your baby not sleeping, either way you will get some beautiful photographs of your baby to treasure forever.


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