Hertfordshire Newborn Photographer

So you’re booked in, you’ve read the prep guide (hopefully!) and you’ve arrived at your session.  Now what?!

First, I will welcome you in and sit you down for a brief chat.  I’ll ask about your pregnancy, delivery and how your baby is settling in.  This isn’t just me being nosey, these questions allow me to gain a crucial insight into how best to handle your baby and how to structure the session.  So if you had any complications with the delivery or are having any feeding issues, this is the perfect opportunity to let me know.

At this stage, if your baby is asleep and settled, I will make a start. If they are not settled, I will ask you to give them a feed to settle them down.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to put aside any schedules and feed on demand during your session.  Baby’s usually feed a lot more during the session as thery are getting handled and moved about a lot more than usual and this is hungry work!

The start of the sessions is usually when your baby will have their longest and deepest sleep so I usually start on the posing table.  This is where I will get all the sleepy poses, then I will move on to some bowls and containers.  Baby will usually wake up around this time so I will give them back toyou for a quick top up feed whilst I change sets.

I will continue to take photographs until either I have enough for a full gallery or your baby has had enough – they are good at communicating when they are done with their session!

Once I’m finished, I will hand baby back to you to get dressed and ready to go and you can be on your way!

After your session, I will edit your photographs and they will be ready to view within 14 days of the session.





I have a question!

Have a look at our FAQ’s as it might be covered there. If it isn’t drop us an Email and we will be able to help you.