Baby Photographer Letchworth

Choosing a baby photographer in Letchworth to capture your babies precious first portraits can be quite overwhelming.  Here are 7 questions that you should ask your potential photographer before making your final decision.

1. Where will the session take place?

Photographers work in a number of different environments.  Some might have their own dedicated commercial studio space, some might come to your home, and some might work out of a space within their own home.  Talk to your newborn photographer about the environment that they work in and understand if it is right for you.  Would you rather they come to you so you don’t have to leave the house with your baby? Or would you rather go to them so you don’t have to worry about tidying up and making space in your home?  The decision is personal to you so make sure you and your photographer are on the same page.


2. What Training Do You Have in Posing Newborns?

Newborns are incredibly flexible because their skeletons haven’t yet fused as much as an adult’s. That doesn’t mean, however, that they can be put in just any position. I’d strongly recommend you choosing a photographer that has specifically been trained in working with newborns.  An experienced photographer will have been trained by a newborn specialist in how to safely work with a newborn.  This includes understanding their anatomy and the limits of their flexibility, how to pose babies with common birth conditions and how to keep your baby safe during their newborn session.  


3. Do you use safe posing techniques?

A lot of the images we see on social media are actually digital composites. This means that we take two or more photographs and merge them together to create the final image.  This enables us to keep our hands on your baby at all times and ensure their head is supported.  A baby at this age is unable to support themselves so it is important that they are supported at all times when in complex positions.  A good newborn photographer will never put your baby’s safety at risk for the sake of a pose.  They will know how to carry out all the poses safely and comfortably for your baby.


4. How much does it cost and what is included?

Cost is also a deciding factor in choosing your newborn photographer.  Some photographers work on an “all inclusive” method where there is a single cost that includes the session time and the images.  Others work on a session fee basis where there is a separate charge for the session and then you purchase your chosen images on top.  Whichever pricing model they choose, a good photographer will have clear, transparent pricing available to you before you book your session.  If there is any hesitation to provide you with pricing information, I would move onto another photographer.


5. When will the images be ready?

Another good question to ask is regarding when  your images will be ready for viewing.  This can vary from 1-2 weeks right up to 8-12 weeks.  If you want your photographs for a specific date – a birthday or birth announcement – ensure your photographer knows this and is able to meet your desired timeline.


6. Can I/brother/Sister/Grandma be in the photographs?

Some photographers will only photograph your baby, whilst others will include the whole family and their dog!  Did you want this experience to focus on just your newborn, or did you want to get in on the action as well?  Make sure you are clear on their policies before booking as this could end up costing you more in the long run if you have to book a separate session for the rest of the family.


7. What age does my baby need to be?

This one is down to the photographer’s preference.  Some are quite strict and will only photograph babies under 14 days, whilst others are happy to go up to 3-4 weeks.  Remember that a baby changes very quickly in the first few weeks of their life and they do become harder to pose as they get older.  Whilst a photographer might be happy to photograph an older baby, the photographs may be a little different to a usual newborn session.  If you are thinking of opting for the older end of the scale, I would ask for some examples of poses that are achievable to make sure that you are happy with your images.


At the end of the day, we, as photographers, want you to absolutely love your images.  By asking the correct questions before choosing your baby photographer in Letchworth, you can ensure that you choose a photographer that is the right fit for you and will be able to provide you with the timeless memories that you are looking for.



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