Are you on the lookout for some alcohol free drinks to try this party season? Read on to find out what my tried and tested favourites are!

Gin and Tonic

This was the one I missed the most when I was pregnant! Luckily, a few manufacturers now make an alcohol free version.  As a G&T lover, I was sceptical at first and whilst it’s not a gin and tonic as we know it, mixed with your favourite tonic water and a slice of lemon, it passes as a great alternative

Try Gordon’s Alcohol Free – £12 at Tesco

Pink Gin and Tonic

Sometimes only a pink gin will do and Warner’s have you covered! Their pink berry gin mixes perfectly with a mediterranean tonic water to make a delicious pink G&T alternative.

Try Warner’s pink berry – £18 Warner’s


Nothing can beat a nice cold bottle of cider! You don’t have to miss out with Koppaberg’s addition to the market – try their strawberry and lime, mixed fruit and tropical flavours all in an alcohol free version.

Try Koppaberg – £3.50 at Asda


Ok so hear me out on this one! It’s not a replacement to a usual alcoholic drink but it’s a nice drink in itself.  Think past the ‘food fad’ ststus it holds and give it a try.  It’s made from fermented tea but tastes much nicer than it sounds!  Teapigs offer 3 different flavours – my favurite is the peach and mango but they also offer original and ginger and lemongrass.

Try Kombucha – £3 for a taster pack at Teapigs


Now i have to admit that this is the one on the list that I haven’t personally tried but it won the Good Housekeeping award for best alcohol free white wine so it’s got to be worth a try.

Try Torres Natureo Muscat 0% – £6 at Waitrose


Grab the mint and soda because you can have yourself a mojito! Lyre’s white cane spirit mixes perfectly into a mojito and by the time you’ve added all that sugar syrup and munddled mint, you can hardly tell the difference.

Try Lyre’s white cane alcohol free spirit – £23.50 at Lyre’s

Cordial and soda

I feel that we can’t possible have a list of alcohol free drinks withourt mentioning the humble cordial and soda which is what so many of us relied on before all these fancy alcohol free alternatives! Grab your favourite cordial, mix it with some cold soda water and you have an instant mocktail!

Try Bottlegreen’s Bramble Press – £2.95 at Sainsbury’s

So there we have it, a roundup of my favourite non alcoholic drinks to enjoy this party season!  Got anything to add? Let me know in the comments!


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