Terms and Conditions

By booking with Alice James Photography (AJP), you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. Booking Fee

a) A booking fee of £50 is payable upon booking to secure your session.
b) The booking fee is non refundable unless the session is cancelled by AJP.
c) The booking fee will be deducted from any purchases made after the session.

2. Your Online Ordering Appointment

a) Following your session, we schedule an online viewing and ordering appointment.
b) We aim to have your images ready for viewing within 14 days of the photo session, but during busy times this timeframe may be extended. We will advise at the time of the session if the turnaround time is longer than expected.
c) The number and type of images in your gallery will vary from session to session. We will take into consideration your specific requests as regards the contents of gallery, but we retain absolute discretion regarding:

(i) which Photographs we include in your viewing gallery (it being acknowledged that not all photographs taken during your session will be included); and
(ii) the application of any digital editing to the photographs.

d) At your online ordering appointment, your images will be presented as a slideshow played to music.
e) At your online ordering appointment, you choose which package and products you would like to order.
f) Once you have chosen your package, you will receive an invoice during the ordering appointment.  This invoice must be paid during the appointment itself.
g) Screen grabbing images from your slideshow is prohibited and will result in a termination of this contract and removal of your images.


3. Retouching

a) We will retouch the images taken in line with our style and level of alteration needed. This may include but is not limited to: blemish removal, colour correction, object removal. We do not accept requests to alter permanent features eg slimming or bulking.
b) We do not provide RAW images under any circumstances.
c) Any further editing requested after our initial edit will incur extra cost.
d) You will not edit the photographs in any way, this includes the application of social media filters.

4. Archiving

Photographs from your session will be kept for 6 months before being deleted.

5. Cancellation, rescheduling and refunds

a) Legal right of cooling off. You have 14 days after the day we accept your booking to cancel your session; this is called the cooling off period. However, once we have completed the session, you cannot change your mind, even if the cooling off period is still running.
b) If for any reason we need to cancel your session we will offer to reschedule your session. If we are not able to agree to a rescheduled date we will provide a full refund of the booking fee.
c) We may terminate your session if we consider there are extenuating circumstances, for example, inappropriate behaviour or a model is ill and we have not been contacted prior to the session. We are not required to reschedule the session or refund any of the session fee to you in these circumstances.
d) If you wish to change the date of your session, we will work with you to accommodate this. If you are unable to make a rescheduled date this will be treated as a cancellation and as such no refunds will be made.
e) You may reschedule your session once at no cost to you, after which you must pay a fee equal to 50% of the session fee each you time you wish to further change the session date.
f) Rescheduled session dates may not be cancelled
g) For photo sessions of newborn babies, we schedule the session to take place between the 4th and 14th day of your baby’s due date.

6. Artwork and prints

a) Your photographs and artwork products are personalised for you so you do not have any right to cancel your order and we are unable to refund or offer an exchange if you change your mind. This doesn’t affect your statutory rights.
b) Any defects in products received must be notified to AJP within 7 days of receipt.

7. Fees and Payment

a) You must pay the full booking fee in order to secure a date. No sessions will be held open until payment is made.
b) The fee that you pay for your artwork products or package will depend on which package and artwork products you select. Prices for all of our packages and extras are set out in our price list. Our prices are guaranteed for a period of 90 days from the season date and after that our prices are subject to change.
c) Payment for packages and art work is due at the time of ordering. Products and packages will not be release until full payment is made.
d) Unless otherwise stated, all fees that are quoted to you by us are inclusive of VAT, if applicable.

8. Safety & Liability

a) Whilst we maintain a safe working environment, the safety of the client and their whole party remains the responsibility of the client.
b) Children should be under the supervision of their parent/guardian at all times during the session.
c) We do not accept responsibility for loss of earnings for cancelled or rescheduled sessions.
d) We will not undertake any poses or use any props that we do not deem safe.

9. Intellectual Property rights

a) AJP will be the first owner of any copyright in the photographs taken during the session, under section 11 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, as the author of the artistic work. No right, title or interest in the photographs or any copyright therein is granted to you, except as expressly set out in these Terms and Conditions.
b) If you purchase artwork products, you will own the artwork product, that being the medium on which a photograph is printed, once you have paid for it in full. Copying, scanning or other reproduction of an artwork product is an infringement of our rights and is strictly prohibited
c) If you purchase a package comprising digital images, you are entitled to create artwork products using the digital image for your own personal use and you will own the medium on which the digital image is printed. In all cases, your ownership of the artwork product is subject to our ownership of the copyright and other intellectual property rights embodied in the photographs.
d) Without our prior consent, you undertake not to (a) use any artwork product or digital images that are provided to you for any commercial purpose, or (b) crop, resize, edit, manipulate or otherwise alter any artwork product or digital image provided to you. We may apply anti-copying measures to all artwork products that are provided to you in any package and to any digital images that are displayed on our website or in your viewing gallery. You agree not to try to circumvent any such measures.

10. Privacy

We use and process your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy linked here.

11. Model Behaviour

a) We cannot be held responsible for children who are unwilling to co operate on the day. We will use all techniques in our toolkit to coax co operation however it is the responsibility of the accompanying adult to manage this.

b) Children can be shy with strangers and unwilling to smile. We cannot guarantee a smile, however we can guarantee beautiful images of your child wether they are smiling or not.

12. Camera Policy

The use of cameras, phones and other recording equipment is not permitted without express agreement from the photographer.