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Is your baby a whole half year old already?! Let’s capture it! Sitting is such a big milestone in your baby’s development and it is the perfect age to have a mini portrait session.

Little Sitters

The fun doesn’t have to stop after the newborn session!  As your baby grows, so does their personality – big time! They begin to smile, roll, sit, walk – there are so many milestones in your baby’s first year of life to capture.

Our “Little Sitter” sessions are PERFECT for capturing those emerging personalities – smiles, pouts – I love them all!

A baby boy smiling at the camera taken by Alice James Photography, baby photographer Hitchin

What is a ‘little sitter’ photography session?

A sitter photography session is a mini milestone session to capture the first major milestone in your baby’s life. They are absolutely adorable at this age and they capture some beautiful moments.

What age should my baby be for a little sitter mini session.

Baby’s all hit their milestones at different ages but these sessions usually take place between 6-10 months once your baby can sit unaided.

Why should I have a ‘little sitter’ session?

This age is absolutely perfect for a photography session. They are just starting to show their personalities – whether through babbling, facial expressions or gestures – it’s so lovely to capture these moments. They are just starting to become interactive and learn how to smile in a social context – and they have the cutest smiles!

How long does it take?

A sitter session is NOTHING like a newborn session! A 6 month old has a VERY short attention span and as such these sessions are mini session – usually around 45 minutes. We allow an hour for the session, but we will allow your baby time to warm up to their new environment and then we will move fairly quickly though the set ups whilst they are still happy and co operative. Once we have lost their interest at this age there really is no winning it back!

What should I bring to the session?

Milk/Food! Never underestimate how much a baby can eat/drink when least expected to! If they have a favourite comfort toy it is lovely to capture a photograph of them with that. We have an array of jingly, jangly and shaky objects for catching their attention and some lovely outfits for them to wear.

When will the images be ready?

We aim to have the photographs ready for viewing within 14 days of your session.

Baby boy sat in a heart shaped bowl taken by Alice James Photography, baby photographer Hitchin

Sitter Session Pricing

A £50 deposit is taken at the time of booking to secure your session which is deducted from your chosen package. Additional prints and products are available to purchase if required.

There is no need to choose a package yet – once you have access to your viewing gallery after the session you can then choose which package you would like to purchase.

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